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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010 (Gary's 64th B'day!)

I had a bone density test (routine) scheduled for 9:30 this morning, so that got me out the door for a busy day.

From there I went to Penney's to check out Izod shirts for Gary, but they didn't have what I was looking for.  After driving through Tim Horton's for a Diet Coke and a bagel with light cream cheese, I headed north to Frankenmuth.  I was looking for Sugar High, the latest trendy bakery.  I was sure I'd seen it before on Main Street, so I drove all the way to the end of town and back twice to no avail.  Finally, I parked behind the Visitors' Bureau, and the young man there told me it was in River Place and gave me a map to help me locate it.  I had never been in River Place before and was pleasantly surprised!  Judging from the exterior, I wasn't expecting much.  If you haven't been there, you need to pick a beautiful day like today and check it out.   I was seeking chocolate-covered bacon for Gary's birthday, and I knew it was a popular item at Sugar High.  The owner gave me a sample of her gelato.  About 12 flavors are sold there.  The bacon was wrapped around a stick and then dipped in chocolate, with a drizzle of white chocolate.   I bought three at $2.00 each.

Then I went to the Outlets in Birch Run, returned an outfit at Bon Worth and bought a scarf there.  I also went in Easy Spirit, but the basic black sandals I needed to replace mine were not on sale yet, and I wasn't in the mood to pay $54 at this time in the season.  I bought Emily what I will call her flower power dress at Children's Place.  The bright flowers remind me of the sixties!

I was surprised to find an Izod outlet there, but, once again, it was all polos. They do not do online sales!  So on to WalMart and  I found a blue rayon Hawaiian shirt for Gary.

Gary wasn't home when I got there, so I had my chocolate/bacon treat.  I did not like it!  The bacon was not crispy, like I expected.  If I made it, the bacon would be super-crispy, not wrapped around a stick, and then I would dip it in chocolate.  I might just try that!

Gary went for his walk with Fred at 8 a.m. and then tried out the new little restaurant in Clio, Sweet Charley's.  He said his stuffed French Toast was very good, and we'll have to go there sometime.  The owner/cook/waiter makes turkey breast every morning for the lunchtime sandwiches.   After breakfast out, Gary went with Tim to look at houses, and then they picked up Keith and, you guessed it, went out to lunch, Fortune BUFFET.  He got home about 3:30, in time for our Friday night tradition of going to Twin's in Clio.  If it wasn't his birthday, I would've suggested not going, but I knew the waitresses would be expecting him.  We ordered a taco pizza, which we've never had there, and it was delicious!  I wished I'd had my camera!  Then the girls made us a dessert for a birthday treat.  It was two pieces of plain cheesecake on a plate, topped with cherry sauce, maraschino cherries, Oreos, and whipped cream.  It looked very cool!

Then we stopped and fed and watered the Rodman pooch, as they are in Battle Creek.  Then I went on to my mom's.  I tried to water my front yard flowers, but the hose has officially kicked the bucket, so Gary ran to Home Depot to buy another.  Hope it's long enough to reach everything!

Tomorrow we are hoping to make the trip to Battle Creek to see all the fam for July 3rd.

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