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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very busy day with three doctors appointments between the two of us.  Gary went first, with a trip to the cardiologist.  I liked him, very informative.  He said Gary's angina is normal, and his medication that was doubled in the hospital will be doubled again.  Next appointment was with Dr. Karr, pretty routine. 

In the afternoon I had my appointment with the eye doctor.  Hadn't been there since 2007, and then GM cut our dental and eye care.  Now we pay for our own.  I expected to get bad news about the small cataract in my left eye or that I have macular degeneration like my brother.  The doctor said my eyes haven't changed in 13 years!  Sounds good to me!  Eligible for new glasses though, so I'll be doing that soon.

I blearily found my way to the car, and then we went on to Red Robin to use one of Gary's birthday coupons.  The coupon was for a free "burger", which means any sandwich, but they'll substitute any entree.  He loves the chicken bruschetta and had that.  I had the Fajita Fiesta Pollo Salad with regular ranch dressing (not the recommended salsa ranch, which I don't care for). It has corn, black beans, red onions, green pepper, and chicken on top.  Everything was good, except my salad was too wet with water.  Changes the whole aspect of the salad and dilutes the dressing.  Gary also got a free sundae.  Nothing great.  Hard-as-a-rock vanilla ice cream with negligible hot fudge (or chocolate syrup?).

Then home to let my dilated eyes come back to normal.  Gary took Gracie (3) to get fruit roll-ups.  She called last night to ask him to do that.  She ended up buying jello cups, a healthier option in my opinion and better for the teeth.

I didn't have to go to my mom's, because my brother is down.  Enjoyed a nap on the couch while my eyes undilated.  Then I worked outside for awhile.

Tomorrow is F Night, and we will be eating at The French Laundry in Fenton.

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