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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Felt like up north today!  Very windy with a high of 70, but felt somewhat chilly because of the wind.  I did a little work outside and watered the backyard flowers.

Dinner was at KFC in Clio.  I had a $5 chicken strips meal which came with three strips, one side (coleslaw), a biscuit, and a pop.  Goes to show I need to know when we are going there so I can print coupons from their site.  They do have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday specials.  I think they are only available at the Clio KFC.  The only one I care for is the Tuesday special, a "bowl" and a pop.

After going to my mom's, Gary wanted to go to Menard's to get Frontline for the cats' fleas. They were out. WalMart and KMart don't sell that brand.  Great!

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