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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I think I should've bought the dvd/vcr combo instead of just the dvd player, so Elmo would have a bigger box to snooze in!

Hot & steamy yesterday, but today temps won't get above 69! Pretty nice! It'll be fairly cool all week, but sunny.

Made a fun Jibjab video today, but it won't work on here. I put it on my Facebook.

Ate at KFC tonight and had a 3 chicken strips with 2 sides & a biscuit meal, and Gary had the Tuesday special (in Clio) of a KFC bowl with a pop.  I always print up their online coupons before we go, and I used one on my meal.

Then we stopped at Amanda's. Later she found Emily's first tooth, and she's not even 4 months!  Gracie said to me, "Sing that song that Grandpa Briggs used to sing to Madilyn!" She meant "She's Too Fat For Me", because she'd seen one of my videos.

Typed up a list of Gary's meds, as he has an appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow and also Dr. Karr.  In the afternoon, I go to the eye doctor.  Then we will have to decide which one of Gary's birthday coupons to use for dinner while we are out that way.  It could be Logan's, Red Robin, or Moe's (never been there).  Seems like there's another one, too.  Oh, I remember, it's Ruby Tuesday.  Too many calories there, though, if you get an entree and the salad bar.  It should be one or the other, because their salad bar is my favorite anywhere!

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