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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14

Nice day, often looked like rain, but it never happened.  Cool breeze blowing in the living room window now.

What did I do today?  Nothing much I guess.  At 3:00 we went to dinner at Senor Lucky's in Davison.  Everyone thinks I'm talking about the regular Lucky's.  They don't realize there is a Mexican one with the same owners.  We had our usual favorites: ala carte wet shredded beef burrito for me and the pecan-encrusted chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette for Gary.  The cook accidentally made mine with shredded chicken, but I didn't realize it right away.  So next time I might get that instead, since it would be a healthier option.  Dined to the music of Jim Morrison, Bob Seger and Bob Dylan.  Glad they've got the old music format back!

Also babysat for Madilyn, Gracie and Clark while Amanda and Doug went to meet new friends at McDonald's in Clio.  Clark fell asleep right away, and the other two were pretty quiet for the most part.

Tomorrow, funeral dinner at church that I'll have to help at.  Another funeral dinner later in the week!

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