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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 7, 2010

Today was our Keweenaw Day, and it couldn't have been more perfect!  The temperature probably hovered around 70 degrees all afternoon, but it was warm and sunny.

Around noon, we headed for our ultimate destination of Copper Harbor.  At Jacob's Falls, we stopped at the Jampot for their irresistible goodies.  Purchases included my favorite hermit cookies, sugar cookies, and, for Gary, a peanut butter and jelly brownie and a jalapeno caramel. The cookies had to be divided up to give Amanda's family an assortment.

The Jampot is run by a group of monks, whose monastery is across the road.  See their webpage for more interesting information.
There is a waterfall next to it on Jacob's Creek.  No picture this time.

From the Jampot, we headed north, stopping by Lake Bailey for a quick picture or two.

After that, we headed up Brockway Mountain.  The Keweenaw Raptor Survey is winding up there, and can be monitored online.  I've enjoyed reading of the numbers of hawks, eagles, peregrines, etc. migrating through the Brockways.  They love soaring on those wind currents.  Many groups are protecting the natural resources of the Brockways and surrounding Keweenaw areas.  I am surprised that there are many species of orchids there!

After driving to the top, we enjoyed walking around, enjoying the view, and shooting the breeze in the tiny gift shop.  I don't think I'd like to man the raptor survey booth in a high wind!
The last photo is from the Copper Harbor overlook, most of the way down the mountain.  Next up is our ultimate destination, the Harbor Haus, for dinner.  We ordered our usual favorites: planked whitefish for Gary and beef rouladen for me.
After that we headed home, passing by the monastery at Jacob's Falls and enjoying their beautiful gardens. They also grow many of their own fruits, which are enjoyed by the neighboring bears.

Then on to a quiet evening at the cottage.  No TV there, thanks to the new digital boxes or lack thereof.  Sometimes we have the radio on, 97.7, the Wolf, which features music from the sixties and seventies.  But most of the time we just enjoy the music of the waves and the birds. Even the hummingbirds take a break sometimes!

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