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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 6, 2010

Ahhhh, vacation!  We had to heat water to bathe this morning.  Just like the old days when we bought this cottage, and our first time there we discovered the pipes had burst.  Gary had to replumb everything, and we had to use the outhouse and haul water from the lake!

After Gary did the necessary repairs this time, we still had no hot water and needed to replace a fuse.  So that necessitated a trip to L'anse (about a half hour), but their fuses were way too expensive, so we went on into Houghton, which was fine.  We probably would've went there anyway.  We went to WalMart (why is that so much fun up north?) and ate at Applebees.  We did the 2/$20 and had the spinach artichoke dip with chips for an appetizer.  I had my usual Fiesta Lime Chicken and Gary had a perfectly done steak. 

We took Pike Lake Road for a leisurely trip back.  Such a pretty drive, especially in the fall.

Gary replaced the fuses, and fortunately that completed the repairs, and now we have hot water!

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