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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 5, 2010

Took the long trip (9-1/2 hours) to our cottage in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula today! Our cottage is in Aura on the Abbaye Peninsula, north of L'anse.  We look west across Keweenaw Bay (Lake Superior) to the Keweenaw Peninsula.

We stopped at the visitor center in Seney for a bathroom stop.  We always enjoy our time taking in the sights there!  We watched an osprey on her next and took pictures of that and the flowers.

We ate at Marquette's Big Boy, a favorite stop.  Usually Gary gets the Brawny Lad (a hamburger) with the salad bar and takes the hamburger to go for later.  I had a Slim Jim with a side salad.  They have the best bleu cheese dressing!  Since they have wireless internet there, we stayed a little longer, and that meant Gary ordered a piece of strawberry pie for us to split.  Everything was yummy!

The air was becoming chilly, but I hear it is that way in the lower peninsula, too. 

Stopped in L'anse to pick up milk and a newspaper, and then on up the peninsula.  As expected, the grass was high.   Gary doesn't complain too much about mowing it, because what a view!  Also no hot water, so he worked on that. He has to replace a fuse tomorrow (which we have to purchase) before we have hot water.  Grrrrrr!

Got the hummingbird and bird feeders out, and the birds will be here any minute.

A nice night for my flannel moose sheets and comforter!

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