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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 17

Well, this feels like summer! Finally, a truly warm day.

Today was the seniors' last day at school, so things were a little out-of-the-ordinary.

After school we went to Billy's Roadhouse nearby for dinner.  We haven't been there in years, and now, since it's no smoking, we had to try it again!  I like the atmosphere and the food.  There is still a little residual smoke permeating the place, but not too bad.  After airing out for awhile with the doors open in the nice weather, it should be good.  I had the honey chicken salad with their housemade ranch dressing.  It tasted really good for the first 7/8 of it, but then kinda sickening! I'd go back, but next time I'll choose a different salad.  It was about $8.00.  Gary had one of the specials, baked beef stroganoff.  It looked good.

Now he has a meeting with someone, then the regular school board, and then the band concert. 

I wonder who Idol will kick off from the final three tonight?  Probably Casey, although I like him most, and if he had better song choices from himself and the judges, he would've been better last night.

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