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Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20

Well, we decided we need to get out of our restaurant rut since we've been eating at Uno, Lucky's, and Applebee's so many Thursdays lately.  We are once again Eating Our Way Through The Alphabet!  Tonight, after looking at Facebook suggestions from my friends, we went to Apollo in Davison.  Sounded good, and I've always liked their fish that they are known for.  Big mistake!  First of all, I shouldn't have eaten cole slaw, fried fish and french fries! AND a roll!  It was a plateful of golden brown.  The fish was too greasy and there was a ton of fries!  Fortunately, I restrained myself and only ate about a third of them.

I'm sure we'll have better luck with B!  There are so many choices!

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