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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday, May 8

Cold, blustery, windy in Genesee today.  Good day to stay home by the fire!  I can't believe how strong the winds are this morning.

Gary is cooking the meal for the Mother-Daughter Banquet tonight.  We are having ham with pineapple, smashed Yukon golds, corn, cole slaw, and for dessert, cubed brownies with strawberries in sauce & whipped cream.  When I found out that my Edgcombe grandchildren were going, I rushed to WalMart to get the plaid shorts I had planned for Grant's birthday Tuesday.  I'd already bought him two t-shirts.  Spent some time reading The Lovely Bones. 

The dinner was delicious, and we enjoyed entertainment by The King's Yo-Men, a yo-yo group from Ann Arbor. 

After we got home, we watched Whip It.  I was anxious to see that movie because parts of it were filmed in nearby Birch Run.

Nice to be able to spend time with family tonight!


Marsha said...

good blog marsh

momma3kids said...

Ya know you could've borrowed The Lovely Bones from me, since I read it long before the hype over the movie.

Marsha said...

Hey! I didn't say "good blog marsh"! That must be Gary. I'll have to fix that for him!