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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15

I looked forward to this weekend! The nice weather predicted is here! Temps close to 70 degrees and dry.  Same for tomorrow and a good week ahead in the forecast.

Thursday night we ate at Uno AGAIN! We're going to have to start eating our way through the alphabet again to get out of this rut.  Friday we, of course, ate at Twin's and had a free pizza with our punchcard. A medium with pepperoni and green peppers. 

Today was perfect. Got up early & headed for the couch to sleep off and on until 9:00! Ate my usual apple-cranberry toast with peanut butter and a half glass of milk.  Then took down the bathroom window and shower curtains to wash.  I'm replacing the liner and using the old one (trimmed to fit) in the window.  Then I finished reading The Lovely Bones so I could return it to the library, due today.  I went to Amanda's to give her some blank menu calendars to get ready before she goes to VG's.  I stayed longer than I planned and then went on to WalMart.  I got an oriole feeder, but I might take it back.  Also lotion, brackets for the hummingbird and oriole feeders, toothpaste, and 100-calorie snacks for school.  Then I drove through McD, getting a hamburger and a Diet Coke, and went back to Amanda's to babysit for the three littlest ones while she went to VG's.  Ate dinner at Smitty's across the road, having a chicken, bacon and ranch wrap.  It was good, of course.  On to mom's to watch Lawrence Welk. 

Those are the main parts of the day.  Going to Amanda's church tomorrow for the three youngest kids dedications.  Think I'll skip our church.

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