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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24

It's getting hot!  Fortunately, the school hasn't heated up much yet, so it was OK at work. 

After work Gracie (3) convinced me that Papa said he was taking us to Twin's.  So we organized that outing, but did not realize right away that it was all Gracie's plan!  We had pizza there for Clark's 2nd birthday.  His party will be Sunday.

Then we went home and got the cemetery flowers and went to the beautiful Riverside Cemetery in Vassar to put flowers on Daddy's grave under the old oak tree.  I planted red geraniums for mom and added purple petunias.  Sandy and Billy can add more if they want.  We also planted geraniums on Grandma Lee's, Uncle Lawrence's, Aunt Ilene's and Aunt Dorothy's.  Then we sped back to the Thetford cemetery to do Gary's mom and dad's and Grandma Ledah and Grandpa Melick's.

Doug got my VHS to DVD hooked up so now I can put my old camcorder videos on the computer, and ultimately on Facebook or Youtube. 

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