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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, May 10

It's Monday, back to work.  Started out cold (31 degrees), but got up to about a sunny seventy.  Tomorrow, lotsa rain expected.

Went to dinner at Senor Lucky's and that wasn't as enjoyable as usual.  First, they changed the wonderful seventies music to something newer and unrecognizable because of the quality.  I made sure to complain, because the music is the best part of the experience there!  Then our tortilla chips were cold, and therefore greasy.  That can happen.  I ordered chicken tortilla soup, easy on the tortilla strips, but received the soup overflowing with strips, which means not much soup.  The worst thing was Gary's pecan-encrusted chicken salad.  That is lettuce, dried cherries, bleu cheese, red onions, pecan-encrusted chicken, and pecans topped with raspberry vinaigrette.  Divine!  Well the cherries and bleu cheese were omitted, and black olives were on it! Ewwwww!  How do black olives substitute for dried cherries?  We told the waitress, and she said it was made correctly, in fact she made it herself!  She brought sides of cherries & bleu cheese, but it just wasn't the same.  I fired off a letter to Senor Lucky's when I got home.  Good for me!

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