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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, May 7

Catching up on the blog tonight, which explains those short posts of the last couple days!  Rained hard all day.  A good night to spend by the fire!  Snow and sleet are forecast for tomorrow night!

I had a 7:25 a.m. meeting before school about promoting School of Choice at Genesee.  Donuts, bagels and cream cheese and beverages in the lounge today for staff appreciation week.  When I came home for lunch, I changed out of my sandals (my feet were wet from the rain) and put on socks and shoes.

I had a dental appointment tonight after school.  The girl spent almost an hour and a half on me!  That's my own fault for being off-schedule for cleaning.  I was due in December, but had to wait a month to make it six months after my last knee surgery.   Then we lost our GM dental insurance, so I put it off.  Now we are able to pay for insurance out of Gary's pension, so I'll be back on a good schedule.  However, now I'm on a "perio schedule", every four months for cleanings due to bad gums.  Spent $15 at their office for a special mouthwash that is good for my gums.  Tastes like black licorice.  :(   Then I changed out of my summery-looking top into a black turtleneck sweater, and jean jacket.  That's what I had on in baby Emily's picture, minus the jean jacket.

We ate at Twin's tonight, a Greek grinder combo.  Took the french fries to the babies.  Gary gave them my Hershey bar, so I am chocolate-less.

After going to my mom's, I watched Wife Swap, which was disturbing.  One family was referred to as "trailer trash", most members were fat, dirty, etc.   Nothing like building stereotypes! 

Watched my Tivo'd All My Children, falling asleep every few minutes, "rewinding", and then trying again. 

Gary went to Sam's to buy more items for the Mother-Daughter Banquet tomorrow night, which he is cooking. 

Mother's Day weekend is here!

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