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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28

Last day of work before a three-day weekend!  Nice weather is expected throughout.

In 2004 one of my pictures was featured on  Consequently, it was in the slideshow on that site today.  It is of the tip of Pte. Abbaye on Lake Superior.  This is near our Keweenaw Bay cottage.  I bet that rock has seen some waves!

Made a quick run to Twin's for a chef's salad before going to ma's.  They are huge, and we split one.  Nice on a hot day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27

Eating through the alphabet, and it's "B Week".  We ate at Brick Street Bar & Grill, an upscale spot, on the advice of my friend, Carolyn, and others.  The parking lot and inside decor were lackluster to say the least. It looked like they forgot to decorate!

I was trying to choose between the Thai Beef and the Mongolian Beef, but did not want a super-spicy dish.  The waiter said I would like the Thai, because it wasn't very spicy.  Ha!  One bite and I was grabbing for my Diet Coke!  It was ve-e-ery hot!  I only ate a little, and I don't even know why I attempted to eat that much.  It only came with garlic mashed potatoes.  Even though small plates were on the table, there was no bread and I would've appreciated it with the spicy beef.  Side salads were $1.99 extra for the house and $2.99 for caesar.  Gary had the pecan-encrusted whitefish, which also came with mashed potatoes and a couple asparagus spears.  He said it wasn't anywhere near as good as the planked whitefish he has at the Harbor Haus in Copper Harbor.  We'll be there in just over a week!  Can't wait to have their beef rouladen and enjoy the view of Superior!  We won't be going back to Brick Street.  We're looking forward to going to Cranberries in Goodrich in a couple weeks.  I've always wanted to go there.

The weather has been hot, but I haven't noticed the humidity being too bad.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24

It's getting hot!  Fortunately, the school hasn't heated up much yet, so it was OK at work. 

After work Gracie (3) convinced me that Papa said he was taking us to Twin's.  So we organized that outing, but did not realize right away that it was all Gracie's plan!  We had pizza there for Clark's 2nd birthday.  His party will be Sunday.

Then we went home and got the cemetery flowers and went to the beautiful Riverside Cemetery in Vassar to put flowers on Daddy's grave under the old oak tree.  I planted red geraniums for mom and added purple petunias.  Sandy and Billy can add more if they want.  We also planted geraniums on Grandma Lee's, Uncle Lawrence's, Aunt Ilene's and Aunt Dorothy's.  Then we sped back to the Thetford cemetery to do Gary's mom and dad's and Grandma Ledah and Grandpa Melick's.

Doug got my VHS to DVD hooked up so now I can put my old camcorder videos on the computer, and ultimately on Facebook or Youtube. 

Sunday, May 23

Enjoyed a beautiful Sunday, beginning with church at 9:00.  Afterwards, we ate at Bob Evans in Birch Run.  We both had omelets, mine was Western (ham) and Gary's was Farmer's (sausage).  They were really good and I brought a little home, along with a spoonful of potatoes and a biscuit.  That worked for supper!

After going to mom's, I planted flowers, including my wagon of salmon impatiens.  It will be hot all week with no rain.  Ended up with a nasty blister on my palm which I didn't know I was incurring until I was done. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, May 21

Today was nice, a sprinkling of rain, but nothing major.  It's supposed to be gone tomorrow for Erica's outdoor wedding.  I hope it dries up by tomorrow afternoon!

Gary has a bad cold, but wanted to eat at Twin's anyway.  He chose a medium pizza with pepperoni and green peppers.  It was very good, and so pretty!

They have a huge car cruise on Mondays at 5:00.

Thursday, May 20

Well, we decided we need to get out of our restaurant rut since we've been eating at Uno, Lucky's, and Applebee's so many Thursdays lately.  We are once again Eating Our Way Through The Alphabet!  Tonight, after looking at Facebook suggestions from my friends, we went to Apollo in Davison.  Sounded good, and I've always liked their fish that they are known for.  Big mistake!  First of all, I shouldn't have eaten cole slaw, fried fish and french fries! AND a roll!  It was a plateful of golden brown.  The fish was too greasy and there was a ton of fries!  Fortunately, I restrained myself and only ate about a third of them.

I'm sure we'll have better luck with B!  There are so many choices!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 17

Well, this feels like summer! Finally, a truly warm day.

Today was the seniors' last day at school, so things were a little out-of-the-ordinary.

After school we went to Billy's Roadhouse nearby for dinner.  We haven't been there in years, and now, since it's no smoking, we had to try it again!  I like the atmosphere and the food.  There is still a little residual smoke permeating the place, but not too bad.  After airing out for awhile with the doors open in the nice weather, it should be good.  I had the honey chicken salad with their housemade ranch dressing.  It tasted really good for the first 7/8 of it, but then kinda sickening! I'd go back, but next time I'll choose a different salad.  It was about $8.00.  Gary had one of the specials, baked beef stroganoff.  It looked good.

Now he has a meeting with someone, then the regular school board, and then the band concert. 

I wonder who Idol will kick off from the final three tonight?  Probably Casey, although I like him most, and if he had better song choices from himself and the judges, he would've been better last night.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18

When are those warmer days coming?  It's still kinda cool: temps in the fifties and sixties.

Ate at Smitty's across the road tonight.  I love their potato soup, very oniony in flavor.  Also split with Gary a piece of warm pecan pie topped with ice cream. 

We often eat dinner at about 3:00, because we have busy nights.  Gary went to a home track meet, and I went to my mom's, like always.  First, I went to VG's to pick her up some chocolate chip cookies, and I also got cat food and my favorite apple-cranberry bread for my breakfast toast with peanut butter.

Then it was time to watch the final three on Idol.  Based on tonight only, Lee came out ahead.  Both of his songs were amazing.  Crystal sang Baby, I'm Amazed and that was good.  Come To My Window was OK.  I love Casey, and he seems most like an idol because he is personable.  Tonight his two songs were boring, though.  They each did a song of their choice and the choice of the judges.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17

Chilly today, but in the sixties, so can't complain.

Ate at Antonio's down the road tonight.  Had the daily 2/$12.99 special.  Gary had 2 pork chops, with a cup of steak and potato soup and something else that I don't remember.  I had 2 pieces of cod, a huge baked potato, and a side Greek salad.  The meals come with a loaf of warm bread.  Everything was delicious and priced right!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amanda's kiddos were getting dedicated at her church today at 11:15 a.m., so I skipped my 9 a.m. and went to hers.  It was kinda nice dragging around on a Sunday morning, although normally I prefer the early service so I have the whole day to look forward to. 

Then we went to Arby's for lunch.  Amanda took all four kids to a baby shower.  Brave!  She said they were able to play with the other kids in a fenced-in backyard, so that worked out well.

I did the usual laundry, and I also got the hummingbird feeder out on a new bracket on the weather station post.  Also put out grape jelly in hopes of getting orioles. 

The weather is supposed to be in the seventies all week, with no rain until Saturday.  I have a wedding reception that day, and the wedding is outdoors in a rose garden for family only.  Hope it works out for them!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15

I looked forward to this weekend! The nice weather predicted is here! Temps close to 70 degrees and dry.  Same for tomorrow and a good week ahead in the forecast.

Thursday night we ate at Uno AGAIN! We're going to have to start eating our way through the alphabet again to get out of this rut.  Friday we, of course, ate at Twin's and had a free pizza with our punchcard. A medium with pepperoni and green peppers. 

Today was perfect. Got up early & headed for the couch to sleep off and on until 9:00! Ate my usual apple-cranberry toast with peanut butter and a half glass of milk.  Then took down the bathroom window and shower curtains to wash.  I'm replacing the liner and using the old one (trimmed to fit) in the window.  Then I finished reading The Lovely Bones so I could return it to the library, due today.  I went to Amanda's to give her some blank menu calendars to get ready before she goes to VG's.  I stayed longer than I planned and then went on to WalMart.  I got an oriole feeder, but I might take it back.  Also lotion, brackets for the hummingbird and oriole feeders, toothpaste, and 100-calorie snacks for school.  Then I drove through McD, getting a hamburger and a Diet Coke, and went back to Amanda's to babysit for the three littlest ones while she went to VG's.  Ate dinner at Smitty's across the road, having a chicken, bacon and ranch wrap.  It was good, of course.  On to mom's to watch Lawrence Welk. 

Those are the main parts of the day.  Going to Amanda's church tomorrow for the three youngest kids dedications.  Think I'll skip our church.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12

Nice enough day, high was probably about 52 and sunny.  This week is going by fast, especially considering that it's a typical five-day workweek.

Ate at Big John's Steak and Onion tonight in Clio.  Then went to my mom's after not going since Mother's Day.  My sister has been there.

Big Mike got kicked off Idol and that's OK since we're getting down to the wire.  Glad Casey is still on there.  I can't figure out why everyone is voting for Lee.  Crystal will probably win.  Fantasia performed and I still can't stand her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 11

Cold, windy and very rainy today.  It's been pouring! 

Tonight we ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Clio.  First, I go to their website and print coupons.  I used one and had the 3 strips plus 2 sides (cole slaw and mashed potatoes), plus a biscuit.  According to their nutritional information, this is one of the least caloric meals if you're wanting a whole meal.  Of course, you should leave the biscuit!  I only eat half the chicken and bring the rest home for lunch tomorrow.  The mashed potatoes and gravy must be OK because it's such a small portion.  Gary got the special they have at that particular KFC on Tuesdays, which is one of their "bowls":  mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, corn, shredded cheese, and gravy.  It's $3.49 with a medium drink included!

I don't have to go to my mom's tonight, because my sister is still down until tomorrow.  Good night to stay home and watch Idol by the fire!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, May 10

It's Monday, back to work.  Started out cold (31 degrees), but got up to about a sunny seventy.  Tomorrow, lotsa rain expected.

Went to dinner at Senor Lucky's and that wasn't as enjoyable as usual.  First, they changed the wonderful seventies music to something newer and unrecognizable because of the quality.  I made sure to complain, because the music is the best part of the experience there!  Then our tortilla chips were cold, and therefore greasy.  That can happen.  I ordered chicken tortilla soup, easy on the tortilla strips, but received the soup overflowing with strips, which means not much soup.  The worst thing was Gary's pecan-encrusted chicken salad.  That is lettuce, dried cherries, bleu cheese, red onions, pecan-encrusted chicken, and pecans topped with raspberry vinaigrette.  Divine!  Well the cherries and bleu cheese were omitted, and black olives were on it! Ewwwww!  How do black olives substitute for dried cherries?  We told the waitress, and she said it was made correctly, in fact she made it herself!  She brought sides of cherries & bleu cheese, but it just wasn't the same.  I fired off a letter to Senor Lucky's when I got home.  Good for me!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers' Day, 2010

It was 32 degrees when I got up this morning! It's Mothers' Day.  Went to church and had a good time with friends there.  Marigolds were given to all the moms this year.  Portioned out leftovers from last night's Banquet.

I chose to drive through the McDonald's in Otisville for my Mothers' Day meal.  Call me crazy!  It's very enjoyable to get my hamburger and Diet Coke and go for a drive.  The drive ultimately led to Davisburg & Christen's party store.  Saw geese families and turkey vultures near a dead deer.  Should have turned around to get pictures of snowy white egrets, though.

Had a few things to pick up at Target, including some birthday clothes for Clark's 2nd birthday.  Found a cute t-shirt that said Give Peas A Chance!  Then came home and did laundry quickly before heading on to Amanda's for a bit.  From there I went to my mom's.  Got home at 8:00 and spent all night uploading and editing pictures, doing Facebook and adding pictures, and blogging and adding pictures. Had a message from Lisa on the answering machine, and got to talk to Laura on the phone.  I need to get off the computer and get things ready for work tomorrow!  It's almost 11:00.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday, May 8

Cold, blustery, windy in Genesee today.  Good day to stay home by the fire!  I can't believe how strong the winds are this morning.

Gary is cooking the meal for the Mother-Daughter Banquet tonight.  We are having ham with pineapple, smashed Yukon golds, corn, cole slaw, and for dessert, cubed brownies with strawberries in sauce & whipped cream.  When I found out that my Edgcombe grandchildren were going, I rushed to WalMart to get the plaid shorts I had planned for Grant's birthday Tuesday.  I'd already bought him two t-shirts.  Spent some time reading The Lovely Bones. 

The dinner was delicious, and we enjoyed entertainment by The King's Yo-Men, a yo-yo group from Ann Arbor. 

After we got home, we watched Whip It.  I was anxious to see that movie because parts of it were filmed in nearby Birch Run.

Nice to be able to spend time with family tonight!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, May 7

Catching up on the blog tonight, which explains those short posts of the last couple days!  Rained hard all day.  A good night to spend by the fire!  Snow and sleet are forecast for tomorrow night!

I had a 7:25 a.m. meeting before school about promoting School of Choice at Genesee.  Donuts, bagels and cream cheese and beverages in the lounge today for staff appreciation week.  When I came home for lunch, I changed out of my sandals (my feet were wet from the rain) and put on socks and shoes.

I had a dental appointment tonight after school.  The girl spent almost an hour and a half on me!  That's my own fault for being off-schedule for cleaning.  I was due in December, but had to wait a month to make it six months after my last knee surgery.   Then we lost our GM dental insurance, so I put it off.  Now we are able to pay for insurance out of Gary's pension, so I'll be back on a good schedule.  However, now I'm on a "perio schedule", every four months for cleanings due to bad gums.  Spent $15 at their office for a special mouthwash that is good for my gums.  Tastes like black licorice.  :(   Then I changed out of my summery-looking top into a black turtleneck sweater, and jean jacket.  That's what I had on in baby Emily's picture, minus the jean jacket.

We ate at Twin's tonight, a Greek grinder combo.  Took the french fries to the babies.  Gary gave them my Hershey bar, so I am chocolate-less.

After going to my mom's, I watched Wife Swap, which was disturbing.  One family was referred to as "trailer trash", most members were fat, dirty, etc.   Nothing like building stereotypes! 

Watched my Tivo'd All My Children, falling asleep every few minutes, "rewinding", and then trying again. 

Gary went to Sam's to buy more items for the Mother-Daughter Banquet tomorrow night, which he is cooking. 

Mother's Day weekend is here!

Thursday, May 6

At 8:00 this morning, the parapros were taken out to breakfast at Smitty's by our principal.  We stayed for an hour and a half and had a good time visiting. 

I had a hair appointment after work today.  It always feels good to get my hair cut and colored.

Ate at Uno again tonight.  We've ate there a lot lately.  Gary had the sirloin tips, which comes with three sides!  I had the stuffed chicken again.  Watched Grey's Anatomy and then off to bed!

Wednesday, May 5

Today I got beautiful roses Fed Ex'd to my by Christen!  Thanks a lot!

Picked Gary up from the hospital today after work.  Ate at Tom's in Genesee on the way home since Gary couldn't think of anything else that appealed to him.  I had the Greek hash, always good.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 4

I got up at 4:45 a.m. to go with Gary to the hospital for his heart cath.  It went very quickly and smoothly.  They had to do a stent and that was quick, too, and before long he was moved to his room.  He was sleepy, of course, but able to eat lunch basically lying on his back.  They sent all the fixings for a chicken sandwich, so it wasn't messy.  By dinner, he could sit up and enjoy his roast beef dinner.  I went home about 2:00, getting a Diet Coke at McD by the hospital and a turkey bacon club at Arby's.  They are really good.

I voted for the school board election and on the police millage issue.  Then I went home and watched a little tivo'd TV.  Snoozed a little before having to go to my mom's.  For dinner, I had my leftover Spanish rice from Applebee's yesterday.  It seemed more potent the second day.  On the way home, I felt I deserved a hot fudge sundae with extra hot fudge & nuts, so I had that while watching Idol on Frank Sinatra night.  Pretty boring.  Talked to my sister throughout part of it, and then I called Gary.  Need to get to bed now so I can make it to work tomorrow for a three-day week.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, May 3

Had the day off work today, so enjoyed the beautiful weather by taking Amanda & Baby Emily to lunch and shopping.  Emily enjoyed herself:

We ate at Applebee's in Birch Run, doing the 2 for $20 thing ("free" appetizer).  Amanda had the three-cheese penne and I had Fiesta Lime Chicken.  For our appetizer, we had spinach-artichoke dip.  Everything was delicious, and it's great to now be eating in a smoke-free environment.  Michigan's new law began May 1. 

I got Amanda a pair of jeans at Vanity Fair, which is the best place ever to buy casual pants.  Then we went on to WalMart in Clio to get diapers, wipes and a turquoise tank for Amanda (the tank, not the diapers).

Later in the afternoon, Gary discovered that his heart cath that he thought was scheduled for Wednesday, is actually tomorrow!  So I had to cancel my hair appointment, call work, and email all the teachers I work with and let them know I won't be there.  If he has good test results, he'll be home tomorrow afternoon.  If not, a stent(s) might be in order, and he'd have to spend the night.  He has to be there at 6:30 a.m., so I'll plan on getting up at 4:45.  I'd better get organized and get to bed!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2

Rainy morning, but pretty anyway!  The birds were singing loudly.  Wore a new outfit to church.  Actually a very old cardigan, and a skirt I bought a year ago on sale, but hadn't wore yet.  Now that belted cardigans are in style, I had an idea and bought a $3.50 pink tank at WalMart.  This photo showcases my love of cropping:

 After church, we went for a short, local drive.
 I took a couple of pictures of flowers:

I'm working on the laundry, which I don't mind at all.  No work for me tomorrow, so Amanda and I are going out to lunch, maybe at Applebee's, and then looking at jeans for her.  Only Baby Emily gets to come.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday, May 1!

Had a nice day and nice weather. Went to the Birch Run Outlet Mall. At Vanity Fair I bought 3 pair of capris, two of them are khaki, because I couldn't decide which one to get. The other is plaid. That is the best store to buy pants. They carry Lee's. Went to a few other stores. Didn't buy anything at Old Navy or Bon Worth. Also bought a few things at Pepperidge Farm, including whole grain mini-bagels for the Rodman kids.  Took a few pictures on the way back. Nothing too great.

I love taking Farrand Road (a dirt road) to the mall.

Wish I knew where my photoshop cd rom went so I could get rid of that wire fence.

Can you see why I like this drive?

And back to the pavement.

Stopped at Amanda's on the way home and hung out with the grandkids while she took a shower. When I got home Gary and I left for dinner at Subway in Otisville.  This is the cutest Subway ever, inside and out. I wish my picture wasn't out-of-focus!

By the way, if you're on Facebook, search Yooper Pasty for an excellent page written anonymously by a man from L'anse.  I'm really enjoying his pictures!