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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13

Beautiful day, warmer tomorrow! Is spring actually here?

Enjoyed working with my junior high kids, as I usually do.  They can be really bratty sometimes, but I like 'em anyway, and they like me.

Had a meeting after school with more discussion on how to deal with upcoming budget cuts.  Next year will be interesting!  What will I be doing?  I hope I can still work directly with those junior high kids.  They definitely need it.

Gary had a meeting with a catered dinner, and I had a craving for Greek hash from Tom's Coney Island in Genesee, so I picked up a takeout order.  It hit the spot as intended!

American Idol featured songs by Elvis tonight.  Not too bad.  Casey is my favorite, although his version of Lawdy Miss Clawdy bore no resemblance to the Elvis version. Crystal and Big Mike were also good.

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