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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty day today and warm enough for now. Not much going on. It's date night, but Gary's date was with the school superintendent for a GISD dinner. He even has the right color socks on!

I'm excited to get my "Easy VHS to DVD", which is now in at Wal-Mart. Hope it solves my camcorder problem so I can put my videos on the computer.

Grey's Anatomy is on in 40 minutes, not a rerun.  Boy, those doctors sure have an exciting life. It's like the Wilderness Family of hospitals.  On that show their house would be on fire, while someone was sick with pneumonia, while there was a wolf on the roof, while a bear was coming in the back door. I should be smart and lay out my clothes for work before it comes on.

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momma3kids said...

I'm so excited to put videos on the computer! And to be your follower! Ooh...