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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17

Didn't get to laze around like I usually do on Saturday mornings, because I was babysitting for the 3 Rodman grandkids, while their mom took the baby for her six weeks' appointment with Dr. Karr.  She now weighs 9 lbs. 9 oz.   Also has reflux, which accounts for her spitting up much more than her siblings. The doctor thinks she might get past that by fall. The other three kids requested Stouffer's macaroni and cheese for breakfast, with toast!

I got done with all that before noon, so on to Kohl's, where I bought a navy print shirt and a turquoise (the stone, not the color) bracelet.  I needed that to match my new purse. The new shirt gives me something to wear with navy pants, because I am so over red, white & blue in clothing. It's a small navy and green print.

Then I went to Aldi's and got my mom's individual servings of jello, her devil's food cookies, and baby carrots and low-fat string cheese. The cheese tastes identical to regular string cheese. 

Ate at Twin's, splitting a chicken strip dinner. Took home enough for each of us to have the chicken again Sunday afternoon! Four meals out of one dinner! I think the price is about $7.99, but I'm not sure.

Watched The Hangover, which was a laugh out loud movie! I thought I wouldn't like it, because it would be about a bunch of drunks, but actually it was about the day after. Funny stuff.

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