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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday, belatedly

Forgot to do this last night, got to get the new habit up and running. Went to church and the Rodmans were already there getting the slide show ready. Amanda sang "Who Am I?". We didn't stay after long, because we had things to do to help the Rodmans get their new home ready. So we ate at Tom's, the new restaurant in town, for breakfast. Gary had hash (very good), and I had a taco coney, also very good. Next time I'd get it without the bun, because you can't pick it up anyway.

I stayed home and read the paper while the guys went and loaded the stove, refrigerator, sectional, etc. from Timmy's house. He didn't want to go out and help, so Ann sent T.J.

Had a nice day there. There's a nice cross breeze and the house stays pleasant in the hot weather, so far. It will be in the 90s all week. The Spearling grandparents brought Madilyn home, and she was wild. She gave them the tour, and then the Roy and Culver adults came in.

Quickly ate at McDonald's drive-thru after 7:00 so we could get to ma's. Watched American Idol Rewind with her and watered her plants, etc. She had a bowl of caramel swirl ice cream.

Praying for Doug to quit smoking.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Got up late this morning, after Gary went to help Doug ready his family's new home. Got ready for the day, and drove out there at 11:00. Amanda & the girls were already there. I could sit on their porch all day. The weather was perfect: breezy, but not too warm. Madilyn left to go with Aaron, who was scowling as usual. Amanda and I left later and browsed the Pineview rummage sales. She bought a Cinderella costume and a Little Mermaid video for Madilyn's birthday. Gracie (6 months old) began grabbing my nose today when I said "Where's Grandma's nose?" When Gary got home mid-afternoon, we went to the new Tom's Coney Island next to VGs. I had one of the lunch specials, which was a very good chicken salad sandwich and a cup of potato cheese soup. Gary enjoyed his fish dinner. Then we went back to Amanda's new house. She had me call Lynn, and Lynn and Carissa came right down to check out the house. At 6:30 or so we left to see ma. Got gas on the way home ($2.71) and drove through Taco Bell for a bite. Amanda came over and did a load of wash and took the previous load home so Doug would have a shirt for church.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Another nice day, rain was forecast, but none appeared. My daughter and her family are moving into their first house, albeit rented. It has a wide expanse of yard for the girls to play. They're moving right along, getting the house ready. It needs lots of cleaning, repairs, and fresh paint. Basically, I just lounged around today, until 6:00, when we went to Twin's for a Greek grinder. Then on to my mom's house to watch TV, as always, and help get her organized for the following day. At 9:00, I watched What Not To Wear. Not long before I hit the sheets.